Shocking- Surgeon General’s public health warning about voting for Trump.  All Trump ads, rallies, and all polling places must immediately post this public health warning:
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Davenport, Iowa
The Surgeon General of the United States has found that supporting Donald Trump may lead to the following conditions:
-Cognition Narcolepsy
-Intolerance Incontinence
-Couth Decay
-Inflamed Self Importance
-Chronic Ego-centrism of the Pompass
-Ego Obesity
-Irritable Jerk Syndrome
-Irrational Desire to Build Walls, Castles, Casinos, and Moats
-Rally-Induced Male PMS
-The Black Death
-Trump Staff Infection
-Increased likelihood of pronouncing Alzheimer as “alltimers”
-Blocks ability to differentiate between talk radio, Fox and news
-Onset Asshole Fascination
-The Common Cold Heart
-Gay Fever
-Hardening of the Hubris
-Susceptibility to Group Suspension of Reality
-To think that chanting “USA!  USA!” makes you better than others
-Having the whole world laughing at you because you are stupid enough to vote for a racist hater con man manipulating you on the worst aspects of your ego, upbringing & personality.
-Bizarre thinking that alienating Hispanics, African Americans, ALL persons from all other countries, the LGBT community, women, and all rational voters qualifies you to represent the people of the USA.
-Do not vote Trump if you are gay, have a gay friend, or have ever had a gay thought.. ye, that one.
-Trump can lower your ability to discern reality and identify charlatans, bloviants, carnival barkers, and ego-maniacal self-loving compulsive lying assholes.  Electing Trump may cause the aliens to intercede ahead of schedule.
-Tell your doctor is you live in a trailer park, must import illegal alien women to marry, attend Nascar events, or pick your Presidents from reality TV.
-Ask your doctor is Trump is right for you.  The election of Trump may cause Progressive Heart Failure, a pox upon our house, loss of multi-syllabic function, and loss of ability to make any sense at all so you just interrupt and yell at people like a loud, spoiled 3rd grade bully.
-Do not vote Trump unless you are an old hateful paternalistic racist southern white man with an elementary education whose parents and friends preach ‘hate of other’. In that case it would be understandable.
-May cause irrational Plan B thinking like “Cruz [the thinking bigot’s AntiChrist Choice] is really a Christian, can bring unity to anything other than a Klan rally, or has anyone’s best interest at heart other than his own and the little Koch Brothers.
-Supporting a narcissistic charlatan racist opportunist bigot may reverse the Enlightenment and other separations that opposable thumbs cannot overcome.
-Note:  The Office of the Surgeon General is a pure Socialist institution, tax $ fund it for the betterment of us all.  So, if you are a Progressive you get it.  If you are a Republican you must continue to bash anything associated with Socialism as you PRETEND like your beloved military is not the largest Socialist entity in the world.
*Personal comment.  I am not putting down all Republicans.  I am most definitely putting down those dumb enough to not see through Trump’s bullshit and take him seriously.  Our country is not a reality TV show and we are not in 3rd grade where you think the asshole bully who puts others down should be your leader.  I am TOTALLY glad that you finally realized that the Republican party has used you for years, tricking you to vote in direct opposition to your own financial interests by praying on your social issue beliefs and using fear and hate to get you riled up.  BUT friends, Trump is NOT who you should run to!  Wake the fuck up before you elect a conman to be our President.

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I'm a gardener who does other things.. including eating seafood and Peppermint Patties. I like the blues way too much for a regular white guy. I'm progressively a Taoist.. kind of..

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