statue of david

Who are you?

In Landmark they suggest that maybe who we are is “a combinations of the stances we take in life.”  I like looking at it in that way… here are some of my stances:

  • Integrity is important
  • War should be avoided
  • Education is important and needs MUCH more of our money and attention
  • Our government should act in favor of the masses, not just the rich ..which leads me to support taking the money out of politics.. however we do that!
  • More guns = more death, we should have less guns.. duh.
  • People should be treated with respect ..which leads to a strong civil rights outlook
  • Youth Athletics should be about the youth, not the adults and their ego’s
  • ALL people are good inside.. there is no such thing as evil
  • ..and, I have one personal one..

In March of 2016 I was part of a Bernie Sanders group that started  My business created a donor site so we can send our El Paso County delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  And, I created the RUN BERNIE, RUN! 5k Run/Walk/Rally.

Run Bernie, Run! shirt logo


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