With the current state of our country and politics I think we are ripe for a book.  The book will outline the influence of two “wiring mechanisms” in humans.


Paternal vs Maternal

  1.  People are genetically wired either paternally or maternally.  The paternal want to be in control, have the money, show they are better than others, and punish.  They do NOT care about other humans who do not further their ends.  The maternal care about others, want to nurture and believe in the good in all people.  They believe some people just need a little help.
  2. A quality quasi identified as “beliefism” controls the beliefs and behavior of 22=23% of people.  We all have this instinct genetically present in us, but 22-23% have it to a degree that it is a major driver in their lives.  Beliefism states that people want to and will follow a strong leader regardless of facts.  They believe the best course of action their life is to always follow a John Wayne type, someone who speaks loudly with authority and who demands respect.  This train was selected for over the millennia.  When hominids lived in small bands going out on your own, acting on your own ideas, would mean death.  Those who did not follow the strong leader and stay with the band died and did not pass on their “self thinking” tendencies.  So, believing in a strong leader no matter what was selected for.  This is why people follow Trump and talk radio hosts regardless of the bullshit they say.  Truth is not the factor, staying with a strong leader is.

    So, I’ve got to write the book to help people understand this and choose a course of action for the betterment of our species.


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I'm a gardener who does other things.. including eating seafood and Peppermint Patties. I like the blues way too much for a regular white guy. I'm progressively a Taoist.. kind of..

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