..partial list 😉

  • How to drive a stick shift
  • How can the Universe go on forever?  “Infinite” doesn’t make sense to me.. neither does it make sense that it had a “start” ..I’m just lost..
  • How to comprehend the Big Bang Theory of everything in the whole universe fitting into something the size of an atom.. can that be real??
  • How a nuclear explosion could possibly occur when two tiny things that we can’t see crash into each other
  • Where my two cool, rubber hot pads are from the last move.. dammit..
  • How to have a representative form of government.. how do we get rid of the culture and patterns we have now?  They aren’t going to choose to do the right thing, so how do we make them??
  • Why when I take an old document on my Mac then type new stuff and save it with a new name.. why doesn’t that name ‘stick’ and I have to rename it every time I hit save again?  AAGGHH
  • How weather peops can possibly so accurately predict how hard the wind will blow days in advance.. even down to the hour when it starts.. are they weather wizards??
  • How to preserve the right to free speech AND have a culture where genius charlatans like Limbaugh don’t f things up so badly by tricking dumb people to vote in direct opposition to their best interests merely as a pawn of his ego… (you do know Limbaugh doesn’t believe what he says, right?)
  • Why Grape Nuts can be marketed so successfully when it has neither grapes or nuts.

Oh well, I’ll sleep on it and maybe know tomorrow..

Tao shiney


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