I have let it soak in 5 days now and listened to both sides.  Here is where I stand.  If you disagree with my premises then there is no need to read the rest.

1.  Donald Trump likely has the largest ego and worst self esteem of anyone most of us have ever met.  Combine that with his showman personality and what we get is a charlatan.  If you read the DSM descriptions of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Megalomania, and Sociopath you see he is aligned at a 90%+ rate.  So, what does this mean?  When you have someone who’s #1 driver in life is to be liked/loved/obeyed AND they have a  hyper-narcissistic outlook AND their ego “demands” that, above all else, they act in ways to be liked AND they fundamentally do not care about other’s well-being… THEN, it is predictable that truth is irrelevant in their world.  This means we elected a charlatan, a carnival barker, a conman as our President who has, and will continue to lie to manipulate perception.

2.  What Trump says is irrelevant.  His only policy is “Do and say what makes Donald look good.”  Charlatan’s lie.  And, it makes perfect sense to them to do so.  Their #1 driver is to look good, not to be truthful.  There basically are no rules other than those that serve his ego.  If he ends up looking good, it was “good”.  If an action or a person makes him look bad, it was “bad”.  We saw that demonstrated and said over and over and over.  It’s that simple.  SO, those who fell for his conman tale about any policy or stance or action he will take… they got duped because he has no policies.

3.  The hate speech, prejudice, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, white nationalism of a narcissistic 70 yr old white bully MUST be listened to however.  Governmental policy proposals are merely ego tools to manipulate the gullible to like him.  But, when he attacks people that is his true Grinch heart showing.

4.  It is GREAT that so many Republicans figured out that their party does not care about them.  The Republican party has been a party run by rich white corporate, military, and financial interests.  They have used social issues as motivators and diversions to trick low education whites to be Republicans.  That game is up.  So, who do the low educated whites run to?  A rich white conman who used their seeds of racism and fear/hate of “other” to trick them again… a carnival barker who cares about them even less!  Bizarre and sad.  Trump took advantage of people’s fear and hate.  The angry white person was duped!  Trump is going to bring coal mining jobs back to North Caroline… RIGHT!!? Yes, I am absolutely saying that Trump voters were not smart enough to see that their candidate is full of shit.  Trump’s lack of character will be revealed over time and more and more dumb and/or gullible white supporters will leave the flock.  But, those prone to agree with his white nationalism and misogyny will bark louder and louder, they have found their new Hitler.  Trump’s “chief strategist” and media arm is a leader of the white nationalism movement, so do not question my use of a Hitler reference.

So, that’s the landscape, we have elected a hateful, full of shit conman to run the world… what do we do about it?  We must watch with educated eyes for truly harmful trends, outlooks, and actions to arise.  And, we must have plans to speak and act to fight back hard on the following issues.  Below is my Alert List, issues to stay alert to and issues we need to alert others to.

  1.  Freedom of the press.  Authoritarian leaders, cult leaders, false religious leaders, bully bosses know they must delegitimize those who would speak the truth about them.  So, they work hard to discredit the check and control mechanisms in the eyes of their gullible followers.  Trump has been 100% transparent in discrediting and attacking the press and others who point out what he is doing.  48 hours after being elected he tweeted that the press has incited the anti-Trump rallies of “paid protesters.”  Not only a lie, but further attacks on the press.  On Nov. 13th Trump tweet attacked a national newspaper.  We MUST point out EVERY one of these actions and do so in the context of “this is what dictators do”.  If he can silence the press he can manipulate the dumb.
  2. Limits on the right to vote.  If people are not allowed to vote our government will not be representative and the doors are open to manipulative egomaniacs with self-serving agendas.  The Republican have a long history of installing barriers to voting.  They were very active in the Obama elections and this cycle they continued to install or try to install barriers to voting in swing states with high populations of black and Hispanic voters.  Here is why we MUST be vigilant and have the guts to speak on this issue. This morning The Speaker of the House said, “the Republican party is pluralistic and inclusive.”  He referred to Republicans as “the party of Lincoln.”  He knows this to be a lie; he knows his party has deliberate, extensive plans to limits the vote by minorities.  We MUST call them out and vote them out every time they try to spin that they do not try to cheat on elections by limiting votes and when they say they care about minorities.  They do not.
  3. Lies.  Trump and Bannon have mastery over “The Big Lie”.  The fact that Trump was proven to lie more than any other Presidential candidate in modern history is bad enough, but it is the nature of the lies they are willing to tell that are alarming.  “No one respects women more than me”.  “I will get over 90% of the black vote in 2020”.  “The Hispanics love me”.  “My demeanor is my best quality”.  The Big Lie is when you boldly state either exactly the opposite of one of your biggest downfalls or when you strive to make a huge flaw a plus… with outright lies.  People who are willing to lie at this level MUST be feared and watched very closely.
  4. Redistricting and Gerrymandering.  Those who seek power through lies and manipulation will lie and manipulate while in office.  If they rig the voting districts they and theirs get to stay in power despite the will of the people.
  5. The Supreme Court.  We all understand this issue.  Republicans already refused to hold a hearing for Obama’s nominee for 1.5 yrs… they are playing to win… will we?  Do we want a racist, lying, misogynistic enemy of free speech and a free press picking who makes our laws for 30 years?  Should someone who would choose a white nationalist to be the Chief Strategist to the leader of the free world get to make law to protect other’s rights?  That’s the situation you dumb asses have put us in.
  6. Using government to attack, investigate, jail political opponents.  He said he would do this on national TV.  We MUST stay alert to this.  The FBI influenced this election… how far will “they” go?
  7. Expanding hidden donations.  The Republicans already made it possible for corporations and hidden interests to donate in the dark.  We know of Trump’s willingness to lie about taxes and donations, we know he will win at the expense of truth and fairness.  We must stay alert.
  8. Russia.  I am not savvy in this area, but I am concerned enough to know that Putin’s good buddy Trump must be watched.  I know that an authoritarian leader who hacks to influence American’s elections must be watched.  Trump covered for Putin on the hacks.  Why?
  9. Nuclear war or war in general.  Giuliani just stated the growth numbers for our military.. this is 5 days after the election.  Trump said, “Why have nuclear weapons if we’re not gonna use them.”  He stayed up till 3 to attack Miss Universe from 20 yrs ago because she quoted him!  Someone that petty and thin skinned can NOT have the nuclear codes… oh, but you ignored that because you were ‘angry’… got it.  Republicans stay in business with wars… Trump gets to be John Wayne and play big bad cowboy… it’s fucking ridiculous we are in this situation as a country.  Stay alert, oppose war.
  10. Rights.  Women’s rights, African American rights, Latino rights, LGBTQ rights, religious rights, rights of the disabled.  We MUST stay alert to protect rights of all minorities and of anyone who Trump see’s as a threat to calling him out on his lies and lack of character.  Remember, Bannon is a well-documented racist and anti-Semite and VP Pence has introduced anti LGBTQ laws.
  11. Roe v. Wade.  It’s in danger.  This issue may end up becoming the unifying issue to bring together the varying groups of Democrats and Progressives.  I just hope we unite before women’s rights are taken away.
  12. Role Models.  What the fuck have we done?  Our President brags about sexually assaulting women.  He threatens and bullies and “hits down” and lies.  He hires people to lie for him.  It is truly awful.  We MUST be vigilant and be willing to call people out for their stances and behavior.  The kids are watching.

Those who believed any of Trump’s policies and promises were fooled by a charlatan.  What a hyper-narcissistic carnival barker says is irrelevant.  So, Trump was elected due to lies and manipulation.   As a result our President is a dangerous fool.  We MUST stay alert, be vocal, and be ready for action to counter the likely horrible trends which will emerge in our country.

I do not support our President and I will not be silent.


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