They have a culture and they have buy-in to that culture..

seahawks mask 01

Pete Carrol created this culture that makes sense and will work if buy-in exists..

pete carrol

Things I heard him and HIS PLAYERS say..

“Separation is in the preparation”
“..go to the Super Bowl and put on a show..”
“Championship mindset”
“positive synergy”
“we have ballers all over the field”
“players who play with great heart, but are talented”
“this is our LANGUAGE”  [he gets it]
“It’s never about them; it’s always about us”
“..championship preseasaon..”
“We planned on executing well”
“stick to your plan and how you see things going for yourself”
“Why not us?!”
“Why not you?!”
..holistic, healthy, whole player..
“This is what we envisioned from Day 1”
“Leave no Doubt”
“Sea Hawks 24/7”
“We look forward to the next challenge”
“I believe in this stuff”
“..not having regrets..”
“..excel in all 3 phases of the game”  [what are our 3 phases??]
“stay on schedule and trust the preparation”

Very good stuff.. I will mimic what I learn here..

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