Are we a country that see’s ourselves primarily as the enforcer and bully for the whole world?  Or, are we a country that primarily seeks to care for it’s own countrymen?  Choices.  The choices we make define who we are.  Where we choose to spend AND NOT SPEND our money define our self image.

It can be argued that there are two types of people- maternalistic and paternalistic.  Those of us who are wired to be maternalistic tend to view choices in terms of who should we help.  Those of us who are paternalistic tend to view choices in terms of who can we punish.

If we are going to borrow 10 billion more from the Rothchilds (and pay it back with money we buy from the Rothchilds, with interest) then should we be maternalistic and spend it on serving our own countrymen or should we be paternalistic and ignore our own country’s needs so we can punish someone half way across the globe?

What we choose here tells us who we are.

The paternalistic option for what to do with 10 billion we borrow from the Rothchilds is simple, “Wahoo!  Let’s go blow some motherfuckers up!”  We’ll teach them a lesson and show the world- if you do something WE don’t like we’ll borrow some more from the Rothchilds to blow you up too!”  Borrowing money to bury us further in debt is irrelevant; choosing to spend money to NOT help our countrymen is irrelevant.. IF we have the chance to punish someone.  Is that who we are?  Obviously that IS who we are.  Is that who we want to continue choosing to be?

The maternalistic options are many.  We all know our country has a long list of it’s own needs that are going unmet.  If we are going to borrow 10 billion from an entity that doesn’t care about us, from an entity that makes sure we are eternalistically their slaves, if we are going to borrow 10 billion more from the Rothchilds then here are some other options we can spend it on:

~ Rebuild New Orleans.  Do what we should have done right after Katrina- hire the locals who lost their homes and jobs to rebuild their own city.
~ Build 200 modern schools and refurb 1000 that need it.
~ Or, pay the top half of teachers in America $5,000 more
~ Create a 10 year, ten million dollar job training program in 1,000 American cities.  This can prepare over one third of our population to be hirable in TODAY’S job market.
~ Give a $500 laptop to 20 million American school students who don’t have a computer.
~ Repair the worst 300 bridges in America hiring mostly unemployed workers to do the labor.
~ Use the 10 billion from the Rothchilds to grow some balls and educate America on why we are now going to print our own money and never again buy or borrow money from the Rothchilds.
~ Invest 10 million dollars in 1,000 pre-prequalified American companies which develop or support renewable energy so our political donors quit pressuring our politicians to bomb/invade/rebuild OTHER fucking countries so we can keep buying oil from them.. and so the Rothchilds still have control of their national banks and national debt.
~ Buy everyone on Earth a popsicle a day for a week… or ANYTHING but bomb another country rather than investing in our own fucking country!  Geesch.. just how attached are we to our ego and narcissism that we think we need to bomb someone else rather than help our own??

Choices.  Choices define who we are.

So, even if you usually view the world paternalistically.. what if, just this once, we chose to spend our 10 billion borrowed dollars to do something for ourselves?  ‘Just an idea.

Joe Harmon

About mojoeblog

I'm a gardener who does other things.. including eating seafood and Peppermint Patties. I like the blues way too much for a regular white guy. I'm progressively a Taoist.. kind of..

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