hoodieSummary.. it WAS a case of a Barney, wannabe profiling someone who was merely walking home.. then, SOMETHING happened to get them face to face and Barney who was pre-disposed to kill “them”, “those assholes”, the kid who “is up to no good”, the “fuckin punk” ..well, he shot him.

I do not believe Zimmerman’s story about being the poor, non fighter, who got attacked.. I do not believe he got his head “banged repeatedly” on the concrete and “had to” shoot Trayvon.

Zimmerman took MMA training for over a yr.. total bullshit that he couldn’t be aggressive.

How the violence escalated.. we don’t know.  But, the signs point to Zimmerman being a prejudiced racist who caused the escalation by following.. and probably vocalizing something aggressive to Trayvon who then responded.

I don’t know who was screaming.. I don’t know what happened the 5 seconds before the trigger was pulled.  It does seem VERY likely Zim had his gun OUT when he approached the “fuckin punk” who was “up to no good”.. the one who “always get away”.

So, if he had his gun out.. THEN everything else is probably a lie too.

The jury has the case.  The prosecution Marsha Clarked it.  Sporadic.. no vision painted of what happened.. THEY brought reasonable doubt into possibilities.. focusing on minor points that don’t matter anyway and ignoring or skipping around the big points.

The talking heads expect manslaughter.  I didn’t hear the prosecution prove that and I did hear the defense bring 30 reasonable doubts.. at home we may think manslaughter is appropriate, but in the courtroom it wasn’t proven.

Will be interesting to see what happens…


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