OK whatever with my 64 day Challenge.. the real motivation is here now!  In 51 Days I will be on the beach in Galveston with Lyn.. let’s get it together and rock the beach like a hurricane!

How many pounds can I lose in 50 days?  Enough to take my shirt off without hesitation.  Is that 20 more?  Half a lb a dayish.  Starting wt 258.

How much stronger can I be?  Beach body strong dammit.

THIS time I WILL do it!

Below is not me.. nor will it be.. but it is a beach..



About mojoeblog

I'm a gardener who does other things.. including eating seafood and Peppermint Patties. I like the blues way too much for a regular white guy. I'm progressively a Taoist.. kind of..

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