Brian didn’t make it up.. The I Ching is the oldest book in the world.. anyway..

Hexagram 13 Fellowship with others..
“In fellowship with others, embody the principles of the Sage.”
This includes kindness, humility, correctness, equanimity, and openness.

Hexagram 12 Standstill (stagnation)
Inferior influences sometimes prevail, improperly motivated people sometimes rise to power, there is injustice, poverty and conflict.  “..this does not mean that we have to stagnate personally as well.  By turning inward and realigning ourselves with proper principles, we initiate the  return t light, truth, you progall else arouno solitude and refining your higher nature, you continue to grow while  all else around you stagnates.”  [this is what I plan on doing for 6 months or so]

Hexagram 11 T/ai/Peace
“..harmony and prosperity are the reward of those who correctly balance their higher and lower natures.  It is by remaining aware of our inferior self while insuring that the superior self govern our conduct that we arrive in a state of peace.”  “..Think of yourself as a young tree now.. by maintaining your focus on moving upward toward light, clarity, and purity you can reach great heights.  If you become entangled in inferior things, you will not enjoy the full benefit of this gracious hour.”

Hexagram 10 Teading (conduct)
“ genuine gains can be made unless we are rooted firmly in the principles of teh Sage.”  “An image often associated with this hexagram is that of treading on the tail of a tiger.  The “tiger” may be some  strong or malevolent force in our own personality or it may bea particularly volitile individual or situation with which you have to deal.  In either case the advice of the I Ching is the same: one avoids the bite of a tiger treading carefully.  To tread carefully means that we remain steadfastly innocent and conscientious in our thoughts and actions.”   “The only lasting influence is that which arises naturally from a course of steady self-development.”  “In the end, it is our inner worth that determines the outer condition of our lives.  Those who resolve to persevere in humility, sincerity, and gentleness can tread anywhere- even on a tail of a tiger- and meet with success.”

Hexagram 9 The Taming Of The Small
“..accept restraints quetly and remain content with taking small steps.”  “..think of planting seeds rather than harvesting fruit.”  “Do not be tempted into engagement which will sere to unbalance you.”

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