Landmark unveils our nature.. or, allows us to unveil our own nature.  And, part of that nature is to choose.  To choose our life.  But, we unlearn that part of ourselves.. the ruts, the dull, the sour, the patterns.. we slip into being a person that has chosen not to choose.  We let the choices happen to us based on circumstances.

So, part of not unlearning to choose is to follow the Taoist/Landmarkian guidance of seeing that there are NO ruts, NO dull, NO sour, NO patterns.. it all just is.  We don’t have to fall into the temptation of labeling everything in terms of good or bad.  It just is.

Then, when the world occurs to us as “just is” that leaves us free to choose.  And, I am choosing to be happy.

choose happy

About mojoeblog

I'm a gardener who does other things.. including eating seafood and Peppermint Patties. I like the blues way too much for a regular white guy. I'm progressively a Taoist.. kind of..

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